Prayer Hugs (Shawl Ministry)

Through this ministry, shawls, and occasionally others items, are provided to those who most need a "Hug", a warm and lasting embrace that says  "God loves you" and provides a reminder that others are praying for them. Those struggling with sickness, distress, grief, loneliness, depression - all deserve a Hug. Good friends deserve them, too.


The Shawl Ministry, or The Hugs Ministry as we call it, of our church was
conceived by Vicki Dubit and Edie Bevans in early September of 2012.  It
was immediately adopted by the Mission Committee and the church
session as an ongoing program of our church. 

Shawls are knitted and crocheted by members of the church and others in
the community who participate, gathering weekly to share a love of the hobby and understand the need for support and friendship.  


We've lost count of the number of shawls made since we began, but we can say with certainty that well over 100 Hugs have been created, distributed, and gratefully received.


Shawls are provided free of charge, and anyone can receive one.