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Welcome To Our Church:
Our Rich History...

Over one hundred and fifty-some years
ago - 1858 - our church was founded.  

More than 7,848 Sunday sermons have
come and gone, that many Christmas' and
Easters', two world wars, the harnessing
of electricity, the recorded voice, the
atomic bomb, man's first steps on the
moon, and you sitting there reading this,
with all that has come, and with all that has
gone, we still practice what we preach.

At no point have we ever lost sight of the
true purpose of Christian worship.
Our Mission:

The First Presbyterian Church of Frostburg strives to proclaim
the Love Of God and the gospel of Jesus Christ in our community
and the world.  

We seek to glorify God through vibrant worship to education,
mission, fellowship and care; to grow in our life of faith through
prayer, work, study, and service, and to open our hearts and
minds to the transforming power of the Holy spirit in our lives We
seek to glorify God through vibrant worship to and world.and
Come and enjoy the love of your friends and neighbors for an hour
or so of tranquil worship, and feel the joy.

September through May our Sunday Services begin at 11:00 a.m.,
while during the summer months - June through August, 10:00 a.m.

People consider many things when visiting churches. The
teaching. The music. Age groups. Families. Singles. Opportunities
to serve. What you may be seeking could be dramatically different
from the next person - or it could be exactly the same.

With open doors and open hearts our congregation covers many
generations, among which are people of every stage of faith. We
welcome those seeking God and His truths, regardless of
questions, baggage, or plain old life experiences.

Whatever you're looking for... you mean something to God. As
God's church, you mean something to us. You are always
welcome here.        
First Presbyterian Church of Frostburg
33 S. Broadway
Frostburg, MD 21532